Efficacy of tilapia oral vaccine coupled with a nanocomposite biomaterial as carrier for vaccine delivery

Mary Nia M. Santos, Rodolph Charles Rosel, Rolando V. Pakingking, Jr Anacleto M. Argayosa

Spermiation induction of Brycon amazonicus with GnRHa and Carp Pituitary Extract

Rosilane Gomes de Souza de Oliveira and Marle Angélica Villacorta Correa

Microbial community in relation to nutritional composition in heterotrophic and photomyxotrophic bioflocs from a biofloc system (BFT)

Alan Carvalho de Sousa Araujo, Juan Rafael Buitrago Ramirez, Robson Matheus Marreiro Gomes, Sonia Astrid Muñoz Buitrago, Dariano Krummenauer, José María Monserrat