Nine Thematic Reviews have been prepared as an integral part of the GCA +20, under the overall guidance of the International Programme Committee, with the objective to review and update the current understanding on key issues relating to the development of sustainable aquaculture.

A group of experts has prepared advanced working drafts of each Thematic Review and the key findings from each theme will be presented and discussed by expert panels during the GCA +20.

Participants are invited to provide their feedback and perspectives on the reviews and their key messages. The opportunity for providing feedback will be open before, during and immediately after the conference (from 3 September to 15 October 2021). Only comments from registered participants will be considered; please include your registration number in your email.

The nine Thematic Reviews can be downloaded in pdf format from the links provided below (note the Thematic Reviews are only available in English).

In preparing your feedback to be sent by email, please bear in mind that we may receive responses from many delegates and to keep the process manageable for the authors we encourage you keep your feedback concise and focussed on the issues of most importance to you. We also encourage organisations and cooperatives to provide collective feedback. We would appreciate it if you could follow the recommendations below when preparing your feedback:

  1. All feedback should be sent by email to and include the following in the subject line of your email:
    1. the number and/or subject of the Thematic Review
    2. your Registration Number (you can find this in the e-mail you received in response to your registration)
    3. your name and (if relevant) the organisation providing the collective feedback
  2. Please do not provide mark-up on the manuscript, this will not be considered. If you wish to refer to a specific part of the paper refer in your email to the relevant line numbers in the manuscript
  3. Your review should focus on the following aspects: (1) adequate regional coverage; (2) adequate subject coverage; (3) coherent presentation of the past, current and future status related to each theme; and (4) clear, precise, and inclusive key messaging.
  4. The GCA+20 Secretariat will consider all feedback during the finalization of the Thematic Reviews to the extent possible.