Global Conference on Aquaculture 2020

22-25 September 2021
Shanghai, China


Jie Huang

Dr Jie Huang

Jie Huang


Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific

Dr Jie Huang is the Director General of the Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific (NACA). He devotes himself to strengthening the network and its contribution to sustainable aquaculture development in the region. As an expert on aquaculture epidemiology and biosecurity, he previously served as a Senior Researcher in the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute (YSFRI), Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (CAFS); the Chief Scientist of CAFS on aquatic animal disease control; the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) Designated Expert of the OIE Reference Laboratories for WSD and IHHN, and a Vice President of the Aquatic Animal Health Standard Commission of the OIE. He conducted projects on diagnostics, epidemiology, molecular mechanisms of virus infection, and control technology for aquatic animal diseases for 29 years.

Some of his technical accomplishments include, along with the group in YSFRI, identifying several new pathogens, reporting emerging diseases in farmed shrimp in China, establishing a series of detection techniques for aquatic animal pathogens, identifying a viral attachment protein and its cellular receptor of WSSV, developing and applying aquaculture microbiological control technologies. He has actively promoted the concept of biosecurity system for aquaculture industry. He has more than 150 corresponding author papers of which 46 were published in international journals, obtained 50 patents, published 30 national and industrial standards, won 13 national and provincial awards, and trained nearly one hundred doctoral and master-level students. He won the Distinguished Expert for TAISHAN scholars of Shandong Province, the Excellence Talent for Agriculture Research, and other national, provincial and ministerial titles of honor.