Global Conference on Aquaculture 2020

22-25 September 2021
Shanghai, China


Hu Honglang

Hu Honglang

Hu Honglang


China Society of Fisheries
Deputy Director General, National Fisheries Technology Extension Center, P.R. China

Ms Hu Honglang, is the Deputy Secretary General of China Society of Fisheries, the Deputy Director General of the National Fisheries Technology Extension Center. She also holds the positions of Deputy Committee Director and Secretary General of the National Certification Committee for Aquatic Varieties.</P

She has long been engaging in certification of new aquatic varieties and technology extension management. In pursuit of her career, she organized the implementation of the "Norwegian Aquatic Genetic Breeding Technology Introduction and Demonstration Project", established a multi-trait compound breeding technology system for aquatic animals which is applied to the aquaculture of Chinese shrimp and giant freshwater prawn, and won a number of provincial and ministerial-level awards.

Meanwhile, she has participated in compiling the National Building Plan for Improved Aquatic Varieties Projects and presided over the compiling of Construction Standards for Building Fish and Shrimp Genetic Breeding Centers, Construction Standards for Aquatic Farms for Improved Varieties, and Technical Guidelines for New Aquatic Varieties Certification.