Global Conference on Aquaculture 2020

22-25 September 2021
Shanghai, China


Hossein Ali Abdolhay

Mr Hossein Ali Abdolhay

Hossein Ali Abdolhay


Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute Islamic Republic of Iran

Mr Hossein Ali Abdolhay, a researcher and expert in aquaculture, is a Deputy within the Iranian Fisheries Organization and the Head of Aquaculture Development in the Ministry of Agriculture. He is an associate professor and member of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute. He has been engaged in the development of aquaculture in Iran for over 35 years, with work in technology, research, training and management.

His experience includes the implementation of the "Iranian Aquatic Genetic Recourses Conservation Technology Project", which established a breeding and genetic improvement technology system for aquatic animals which is applied to the aquaculture of rainbow trout and shrimp. He was also responsible for projects towards the development of sturgeon culture development and standardization of farm construction.

He has managed cage culture systems in marine and freshwater, and is a member of the committee tasked to study cage culture development in Iran. He has managed the stock enhancement for genetic recourse conservation and organized the release of more than 500 million fingerlings of 13 species fish and shrimp in Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf, Oman Sea and various inland waters.

He is also responsible for compiling the National Plan for Improved Aquatic Varieties, presided over the compilation of Construction Standards for Building Sturgeon Farms and Shrimp Genetic Breeding Centers, Construction Standards for Aquatic Farms for Improved Varieties, and Technical Guidelines for New Aquatic Varieties Certification. He has participated in five meetings of the FAO Sub-committee of Aquaculture, and was as chair at its ninth session in Rome, 2017.