Aquaculture sustainability certification system

Fernanda de Freitas Borges and Wagner Cotroni Valenti

Effects of omnivorous fish feed on enzymatic activity and metabolic profile of South American crustaceans: potential organic extractive species of fish farming

Gabriela E. Musin, Natalia S. Calvo, María Celeste Mora, Cristian De Bonis, Pablo Collins, Débora A. Carvalho

Numerical assessment of the environmental impacts and carrying capacity of deep sea cage culture in the Yellow Sea, China

Yunxia Zhao, Jihong Zhang, Wenguang Wu, Ke Sun, Yi Liu, Cong Zhang, Fei Teng, Dapeng Qu, Ryan M. Kelly

The chronic toxicity of emamectin benzoate to three marine benthic species using microcosms

Bo Cheng, Jasper Van Smedend, John Deneer, Dick Belgers, Edwin Foekema, Ivo Roessink, Arrienne Matser, Paul J.Van den Brink